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Hello everyone, my name is Simon. Welcome to my corner. I'm a 9 year old (will be 10 in June and don’t plan on giving out my age after that) precocious and very friendly Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier. I currently live with my human parental units and I have no job at the moment except to be pampered and entertaining. I have a few problems, which is cool because I can admit it, like getting very excited when greeting people and getting a little spazed when the door bell rings. I love people and will do most anything for a treat.

Over the course of my life I have become quite well read and gained a lot of mundane knowledge about different things. Some of it is factual; some are factoids, some myths. It’s hard for me to tell which is which because I’m just a dog but mostly it’s just crap. I also ponder a lot about life. I would like to share a little with you on my Useless Crap and Thoughtful World pages. Please leave some comments and thoughts of your own. I would love for you to leave your pet’s picture on my Photo Album page with a comment and/or a story on the Friends page.

You can follow me on Twitter (www.twitter.com/simonscrap). I also have several Facebook pages: Simon’s Useless Crap; Simon’s Random Thoughts; Simon’s Bucket List; Simon’s Favorite Quotes; and Simon Recommends. Check them out and become a fan.

Again, welcome to my corner and I hope you enjoy the visit.